Web Services

At CentralValero, we don’t know or do everything, but we excel at what we do. We make our clients’ web presence matter and empower them with cutting edge technology and a meticulous performance matrix. We think you’ll be amazed at all we can do to help turbocharge your business to the next level. Give us the opportunity and we will make your web presence the best and hardest-working salesperson you could ever hire.

Online Marketing

Marketing has become integral to the web experience. With millions of sites on the web, and more going live each day, you have to find a way to stand out in the crowd or your site will not reach its intended audience. If you need to reach people, then you are in need of marketing. Whether you are looking to promote your band, sell your products, or advocate for your favorite charity, you will need a strategically planned and expertly executed marketing campaign. Top web marketing companies often use many of the same marketing strategies including: PPC, affiliate/performance marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, linking strategies, and online advertising. At CentralValero, we use all the tools that other top web marketing firms do, but we approach the content and design differently. We select highly experienced web marketing professionals based on their natural talents for creating what the client is looking for. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just optimizing keywords in text. While this is part of SEO, there are a variety of factors at play. Our SEO experts will analyze your website to look for those factors that matter most in the eyes of search engines. An initial audit that includes a competitive review and keyword research is completed in order to build a project plan that has a clear plan for success. On-page optimization & internal linking is set up to maximize rankings. Landing page creation and optimization is put in place for each keyword.

Website Design

CentralValero is devoted to creating memorable user experiences by producing stunning designs that engage your audience. Today, companies of all sizes have the ability to compete in the same marketplace, and an exciting and user-friendly website is where it all begins. Our years of experience combined with innovative contemporary design guarantees that each and every website we create will deliver a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that not only reflects your personal vision, but delivers solid conversions. We offer unique and innovative creative input along with top-shelf code expertise to deliver a finished product with stunning good looks and an exceptional user interface. Today, you absolutely must have a responsive website design in order to continue succeeding online, and there are several key reasons for this. You must consider your audience and how they’re interacting with the internet. More than ever, people are online via their phones and tablets. If your site isn’t adaptable for those devices, you’re sending a huge swath of the market running away from you. They’ll hit their back button and they’ll never come back. The mobile browsing segment of the market has exponentially risen in recent years, and it’s only going to continue increasing. Responsive design websites are crucial for reaching these visitors, and ensuring that they can properly navigate and explore your device on screens of different shapes and sizes, and systems which offer different levels of functionality as compared to traditional computers.

UI/UX Design

User Interfaces (UI) and User Experience (UX) are key components that determine the success of an interactive web application. If you are planning to create a web product and launch it successfully having professional quality User Interface Design is a must. CentralValero's team of UI/UX Design experts can help you design next generation UI/UX to increase the performance of web applications, or websites by creating a better experience for your users. We follow the latest industry design processes and UI testing techniques to achieve the optimum user experience. CentralValero's commitment to quality ensures you get the best possible user interface design for your applications. Every website starts with a wireframe. Our UX experts provide detailed blueprints for high-performance websites. We plan websites with relevant content for your audience, user-pathways improve website conversions and improve usability with an intuitive layout. We consistently assure the following UI / UX design attributes of every delivered solution:

  • Alignment of business goals and end-user needs

  • Accessibility and ease-of-use

  • User efforts optimization

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • Consistency and learnability

  • User productivity and minimum task completion time

  • Website Maintenance Services

    Don’t have a clue what CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL or Javascript means? You’re not the only one, and surely you didn’t start your business to get into the logistical details of building your website. For many business owners, a technical issue arising with the website is a nightmare. And most likely, you don’t have the time or the interest to properly solve it. Our website maintenance services are an effective and cost-efficient way to prevent this from happening. We work with the most common and popular website content management systems as well as hosting providers to ensure that your site is fully up to date and fully functional, and that nothing slips through the cracks. Having a reliable website maintenance plan is also important for your site’s security. Platforms are continually updated to close off potential security threats and loopholes, and you need to stay up to date with those new versions, releases and features. Otherwise information could potentially be exposed, putting your business and your customers at risk. Utilizing a website maintenance plan also comes in handy when you want to revise something with your site, or otherwise make an addition or an important change. Without the expertise to do so, you don’t want to mess around with your website’s coding or backend. We also offer plans after we’ve designed your site, so you’re covered with a great site and one that continues to work post launch. We’ll be on hand to make the required changes on an ongoing, as needed basis.

    Brand Identity & Logo Design Services

    Does your business have the right brand identity? Many businesses don’t, and further, many don’t even realize it. But failing to have the right identity and the right brand, aligned with your business and your goals, is wasting an opportunity to more effectively reach your target audience. Here, learn about how CentralValero can help you as your brand identity designer. What does a brand identity designer actually do for you? It’s all about showing the world who you are, and aligning the messages you’re sending with what you’re actually trying to accomplish. One crucial component to this is the art and science that both go into logo design. Your logo is more than your name, it says something about who you are, and it represents you when people come into contact with it. Therefore, you need to send the right signals, and quickly convey a fundamental aspect of your business, and how you may be able to help a prospective customer. The best logos certainly look compelling, they’re aesthetically pleasing, and they’re memorable. They shouldn’t be overly complex, and should be simple to decipher visually. But more than all of this, the best logos speak to the brand itself. Your logo, when properly conceptualized and executed, is simply a representation of this. It’s one piece of your visual identity, and it should seamlessly work with other visual components you’re putting out there. This includes the design of your website and your other marketing materials and advertisements. It all represents the business, and it’s all part of your brand identity.

    Quality Assurance Services

    Worried about the quality of your product? Our independent quality assurance team works to ensure your product is error-free and ready for public launch. We offer End-to-End quality assurance services while creating a customized approach to working with your internal department. Our QA team offers flexible working models including being an extension to your current QA team, or working as independent quality assurance provider. Our key strength is to help you get your process and product compliant with certified standards in order to make your product a market success.

    What We Offer

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Standard Compliance

  • Agency Approvals

  • Test Management

  • Functional Testing

  • Mobile Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Static & Dynamic Analysis

  • Test Automation